Mid Year Sales Shopping Tips

Don't be a dummy this mid year sale.Mid year sales are genuine once a year sales where retailers are trying to get consumers to buy and spend money before the end of financial year. It helps with shops bottom lines and also helps to move stock!

This winter you don't want to be a dummy for the mid year sales. So early June is the time to the do your homework. List what are your priorities on what are the things you want to buy. A lot of people wander around shopping with no real sense of what they want. Or they may have a vague idea on one thing but their eye gets caught on something else. Alternatively they may be accompanying someone else shopping at the time of the half year sales. The majority of these people are aged 16 to 35 and have the biggest discretionary spend. But what if there was another way. Does it get after the sales and you feel hollow or even ask yourself, "why did I buy that?".

Dont; forget you shopping list for the mid year sale.Having a shopping list is a must. And that needs to be coupled with the discipline not to go outside that list. Can you resist your shopping alter ego and say no to that impulse buy? A simple test is to head to the supermarket where your aim is to get Bread and Milk. Can you resist all those colourful advertising board highlighting specials at half price where your brain clicks in that you may never see these prices again, so you get two. If that is the outcome for you then the supermarket has produced a successful impulse advertising campaign. Do a test and see if you can resist the urges! Save your money. Only buy what you went in to buy. And here is a tip ... if you remember something else that you also needed that is not on your list ... then put it on the top of another list to get next time! The exercise is important and don't go outside your original list.

So come Mid Year Sales time, make sure you have a think about what are the things you or your business may need. Can you claim it for tax purposes or do you personally just need certain things! Happy shopping!